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The Managed Cloud Company

Our cloud expertise will rock your business.

Loihde Cloudon in numbers

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40+ Experts
2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Born in the Cloud

Loihde Cloudon is a company specialized in cloud technology and hyperscale cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS. We help our customers migrate applications and data to the cloud, modernize their IT-infrastructure and enable new business opportunities using cloud capabilities.

The company was founded in 2012 in the early days of cloud technology. From the beginning our mission has been clear: help businesses to make use of cloud technology in a secure and controlled manner.

From IT maintenance to IT innovation

The role of IT has changed dramatically. In the cloud era IT, business leads and application development work closely together to build modern services, which in turn enable awesome workday and customer experiences.

Modern cloud-based infrastructure helps businesses transition from reactive maintenance-mindset to the world of continuous development and IT innovation.

We’ll make cloud technology fall in love with your business.

Our values

Sustainable solutions

We create sustainable and vendor-free solutions with real business value.


We do it together

We solve challenges as a team and we become part of customer’s team.

Unmatched expertise

We develop our skillsets continuously and we ask a lot from our experts.

Up to eleven?

Yes, we’ll take your cloud up to eleven. CloudEleven™ is a unique cloud solution, which helps businesses in agile and continous cloud platform development.

No, we don’t do application development.

But, we are a trusted CloudOps partner for ISV-businesses and DevOps-teams. We’ll handle cloud operations, so your developer can focus on developing.

Yes, we can manage your cloud platform.

We are experts in managed cloud services. We monitor your environments 24/7 and take extremely good care of your applications.

Yes, we love partners.

We can’t do everything on our own, and we won’t. Partners are an important part of our business ecosystem.

Cloud is our game, what’s yours? We’d love to learn more about you. Feel free to contact us.

What if?

We know, it takes a lot more than to words to make a convincing argument. Send us a message, we are more than happy to show you what we are capable of.

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