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Let’s take your cloud up to eleven.

Unmatched cloud platform expertise to help you unlock cloud benefits and make technology fall in love with your business.

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Loihde Cloudon as a company

Passion for cloud technology, attitude for maximum impact

We design, implement and, manage secure cloud environments.

We help IT management, IT experts, digital transformation leaders, and DevOps teams to make the most of cloud technology & platforms.

Our passion is your advantage.

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Microsoft Azure

A highly scalable cloud platform for almost every need

With Microsoft Azure, you can implement a cloud-based IT infrastructure, build cloud-native applications and manage your hybrid cloud environment. Don’t waste your money on data center operating costs. Pay only for the resources and services you need.

We are a trusted Azure advisor. We will help you adopt Azure according to best practices.

Your solution-oriented cloud partner

Cloud is not just about IT. It’s a change that affects your whole business.

To redeem the benefits of cloud technology, you must alter your traditional IT mindset. Cloud is not a single project. It’s an ongoing transformation, which requires continuous platform development and management.

We'll make you cloud-savvy

That’s where we come in. We’ll make your business cloud-savvy and make sure cloud technology fully supports your goals and needs.

Just mind your business, and let us do the heavy cloud-lifting.

What's next?

All talk and no cloud-walk, makes Jack a sad boy. Our experts are ready to tackle your toughest IT and cloud challenges.

Give us a shout and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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