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Cloud Strategy

Boost your business with cloud technology.

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Cloud strategy is a manual and an actionable plan, which helps you adopt cloud technology business first. We’ll help you recognize how cloud technology can help you advance your business goals.

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Cloud drivers

Business first

Cloud technology unlocks new business opportunities. With new cloud capabilities, you can build highly scalable modern business applications and services, which can dramatically boost both your customer experience and workday experience.

Cloud is not a strategy. Strategy is a directive, which helps you align cloud adoption with your business goals. To redeem the benefits of the public cloud, you must have a vision and goals.

The elements of strategy

A secure and well-managed transition to cloud

Cloud is not just about technology. Nor is it solely about IT. Cloud fundamentally changes how we do business and how organizations operate.

A well-crafted cloud strategy helps to make sure this change will be positive.

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A well-crafted strategy:

Acknowledges your business goals and changes in your operational environment so that you can make use of the latest cloud innovations as fast and cost-effective as possible.

Analyses the current state of your organizations IT service production and recognizes which IT services you need in-house and which services you should outsource.

Acknowledges your team’s current skills and future expertise development.

Makes sure your organization follows the best information security standards and helps you prevent threats and incidents.

Identifies the actual projects, which will help you implement the strategy across your organization.

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Cloud Masterclass

Cloud Masterclass is a cloud training program for IT experts and IT managers. The program features 11 modules, in which we look at the most crucial concepts and best practices you need to understand to adopt, manage and operate cloud technology.

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