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DevOps Governance

DevOps governance model helps software developers and DevOps teams to manage cloud services and cloud environments.

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DevOps Governance helps you to create shared policies for using cloud services in software development. It minimizes security risks and eliminates unnecessary costs.

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DevOps practices

Well-managed and secure cloud-native development

Done right, DevOps can boost your development process. DevOps is commonly strongly dominated by the dev side of things, and cloud operations tend to get little attention. With multiple development teams, partners and projects, cloud environments can become hard to manage.

With DevOps Governance, we define the shared policies and development tools when using cloud platforms and services. It supplements the public cloud governance model and helps to create shared practices for developers working with cloud environments.

A shared process and shared goals

DevOps is a crucial part of cloud-native software development. It aims to automate the shared processes between IT and developers and remove all silos between IT operations, development teams, information security, quality control, and testing.

DevOps helps developers and IT professionals work towards shared goals.

Shared rules

No suprises

DevOps governance model makes it easier to manage and maintain your cloud environments. It guides your team members and external partners to work with your cloud resources according to best practices.

Shared practices and tools keep surprises at a minimum. The governance model also looks at your security and compliance requirements, and identity management to eliminate security risks.


Service content

DevOps Governance focuses on the following topics:

Roles and responsibilites


Environment management and monitoring


Information security

Identity management

Environment and network topologies

Change management

Service benefits

Save on costs

Shared policies and best practices reduce errors and incidents, which in turn equals cost savings.

Minimize risks

The majority of public cloud security risks are user-related. DevOps governance model helps to minimize security risks and ensures your cloud resources are used according to best practices.

Unified toolchain

The governance model helps to unify your development toolchains.

Boost your DevOps

Governance model simplifies cloud operations and streamlines your DevOps processes.

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