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Managed Cloud for Containers

24/7 management and maintenance for Kubernetes clusters

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With our Managed Cloud for Containers -service you can make sure your containerized apps run smoothlyn in the cloud. We will monitor your Kubernetes environments, keep your clusters secure and take care of Kubernetes version updates.

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A solution to an eternal problem

Container technology solves a familiar problem: what happens to an application when it’s migrated from one computing environment to another?

App containerization helps you build a standardized software package. A container contains the code, configurations, libraries, and other dependencies an application needs to run smoothly in any computing environment.

Managed Cloud for Containers

Ensure application availability

We help you manage your Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. Our experts help optimize your environments and make sure your applications are available.

We monitor and analyze your environments and make sure everything runs smoothly and reliably. A well-managed and secure cloud environment equals better business and better user experience.

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Cluster updates

We will take care of Kubernetes cluster and security updates. We will also make sure you always have the latest features at your disposal.

Security monitoring and incident management

We will define security policies and monitor them. We will also set up monitoring, alerts, and logs for your environments. If incidents occur, we will analyze and solve them.

Best practices and optimization suggestions

Kubernetes develops at a fast pace. Operation models and best practices change. We will monitor, that your environments follow your organization’s security policies and are optimized and operated according to best practices.

Our experts help you optimize your Kubernetes environments. They will make sure you get the maximum value for your containers.

Change requests

We will make change requests to your Kubernetes environments according to the change management process. Our experts analyze all change requests in advance to prevent any conflicts with the production environment.

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About container technology

Container benefits

Container technology is popular because:

  1. Containers are lightweight when compared to virtual machines. Containerized apps are easy to migrate from one computing environment to another.
  2. Update processes are easy to automate in container environments. It’s easy and efficient to update applications without any distractions for end-users.
  3. With containers, it’s easy to migrate legacy applications to the cloud.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source service cluster for container orchestration. You can use Kubernetes with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or in your own data center.