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Managed Cloud for Hybrid Infrastructure

24/7 management, maintenance and support for your server environments.

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Managed Cloud for Hybrid Infrastructure is an ongoing support and management service for Windows and Linux servers. The service includes 24/7 monitoring, support, and management for server environments.

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Virtual servers

Quality maintenance and resource optimization

In the cloud era, many services and applications still run on servers. To keep your applications available and secure, you need to take good care of your servers.

When your servers are in good shape, it’s easy to migrate them into the cloud. In virtual environments, servers often use only a fraction of the allocated resources. Optimal resource allocation is crucial for servers in the cloud simply because the excess use of resources will cost you money.

Core of the service

A modern 24/7 management service for Windows and Linux servers

Managed Cloud for Hybrid Infrastructure is a modern management service for Windows and Linux servers. No matter where your serves are located, at a data center or in the cloud, we’ll monitor them and keep them up to date.

Our service fits perfectly for companies starting their cloud transformation projects. If you plan to use public cloud services in the future, we can help you prepare and migrate your servers when the time is right.

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Service features and benefits

Location independent

Our service supports servers in your own data center, in a third-party’s data center, or in a public cloud.

24/7 resource management, monitoring, and maintenance

We monitor the performance of your server, disk capacity, and application availability.

Rapid Onboarding Service

When you need to migrate your applications or services into the cloud, our Rapid Onboarding Service is ready to help. Our experts will help with setting up cloud environments and migrating your applications according to best practices.

Powered by Microsoft Premier

Our service includes Microsoft Premier Support. We can escalate incident and error management to Microsoft free of charge. Microsoft’s support channel ensures fast support in case of critical incidents and errors.

Virus and malware protection and removal

We will keep your servers safe from malware and ensure your applications keep running.

Backups and recoveries

Our service includes server backups and recoveries. Keep your data and applications safe.

Incident and error management

Focus on your business, and let us worry about your servers. We will manage and fix incidents and problems when they occur.

Security updates

We will handle and monitor server security updates and make sure your services run smoothly.

Change management

Our highly skilled architects and consultants help you with server and environment modifications.

Cloud-ready servers

When you leave your servers to our care, we will make sure, they are ready for cloud migration in the future.

Service levels

Managed Cloud for Hybrid Infrastructure has three service levels. You can choose different service levels for single servers or service sets.


Basic service level

Service hours 8-16 Response time 8h Service availability goal at least 98 %*


High avalability for your services

Service hours 8-16 Response time 4h Service availability goal at least 99,4 %*


For complex environments 24/7

Service hours 24/7 Response time 1h Service availability goal at least 99,7 %*
*) Availability is highly dependent on the server platform, which can also affect the service availability goal.

Public cloud and servers

If you have multiple servers in different locations waiting for cloud migration, Managed Cloud for Hybrid Infrastructure helps prepare your servers and make them cloud-ready.

We also provide a 24/ management and support service for public cloud resources. Learn more about our Managed Cloud for Azure service.

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